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Located next to LensCrafters on E Southlake Blvd in Southlake, TX

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Focus Your Attention On These Key Areas

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Focus on Contact Lenses

A good contact lens fit starts with a thorough eye exam to ensure the most up-to-date prescription.

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Pediatric Vision Conservation

Learn about pediatric eye care and comprehensive eye exams, offered at our Southlake optometry practice.

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Focus on Convenient Eye Care

Learn about the convenience of getting a comprehensive eye exam and eye care at Southlake Eyes Now.

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Our Eye Care Services

We offer a wide array of eye care services including emergency eye care, vision tests, dry eye and more.

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Convenient, Caring and Stress free Optometrists Office in Southlake, TX

We connect with our Patients

We are here to listen to what you have to say. In our practice patients come first. We take all-most all insurances and don’t foresee moving in and out of insurance panels. We take the time to get to know you and your lifestyle and we expect to have a long term doctor-patient relationship with all our patients.

Together we come up with your best visual options

Your options can be progressive lenses, single vision lenses, computer progressives, sports/military lenses, special occupational lenses for pilots, hobbyists and professionals. Blue-tech lenses can be prescribed for heavy computer users.

Your options can be contact lenses for daily wear or occasional wear. Nowadays, the range of contact lenses is vast, and we’ll take the time to find the best type of lenses for your vision. You can wear color contact lenses to change your eye color or just tinted contacts to enhance your eye color. We also prescribe rigid gas permeable lenses for those than want it and those that need it for medical reasons.

We also understand that many patients are tired of wearing eyeglasses or contacts, and ortho-k lenses may be an ideal solution. Dr. Abraham will evaluate your eyes to determine candidacy for ortho-k vision shaping – which we are skilled and experienced at fitting in Southlake. We also co-manage lasik and cataract surgery for patients interested in being glasses free.

Stress free & Convenient Eye Care for busy families

We know you are busy and our vision center is geared towards those busy families in Southlake, Colleyville, Grapevine, Keller and Euless.

At Southlake Eyes Now, we excel in serving all your vision needs with ultimate convenience. We have made room in our schedule for walk-ins and same day appointments. We are open 7 days a week and schedule most of our appointments within a week. So we are prepared to see you when you want to be seen.

You will get great care without having to wait a long time before seeing the doctor.

You don’t have to call to make an appointment it can be done online right here on our website.

Before your visit, you can fill out our online forms in advance. With less paperwork to deal with when you arrive at our Southlake office, we can get started right away with taking care of your vision.

We check your insurance benefits, and based on your symptoms, we can accept both your medical insurance or vision insurance. We explain all fees before you see the doctors so you are not surprised with any bills afterwards.

We have great technology like the Daytona Optomap which allows to take a look at the retina and its a great option for those patients who want to save time and not get their eyes dilated for a routine check of the eyes.

Our friendly optometrists, Dr. Manoj Abraham and Dr Stephanie Lesage, will meet with you to hear your concerns and answer any questions you may have about your vision.

Get a top notch comprehensive eye exam at Southlake Eyes Now and take your accurate prescription to get eyeglasses at the optical of your choosing. Serving the greater Metropolitan area of Dallas/Fort Worth, we won’t keep you waiting for sharp, healthy vision in our Southlake office, conveniently located next to Lenscrafters.

Advanced & Efficient Eye Care, in Southlake

Our Eye Care Clinic

Located next to Lenscrafters, we provide convenient Eye Care for our busy families. Our Southlake eye care clinic is built around the busy families of Southlake, Keller, Colleyville and Grapevine who seek eye clinic that is responsive to their needs. Our Southlake optometrists handle everything from adult and children’s eye exams and hard-to-fit contact lenses, to eye emergencies, treatment of eye diseases and co-management of eye surgery such as LASIK. Book an appointment for your whole family today!!

Schedule Appointment Call Us 817-618-7070 Patients: Check-in/Online Forms

Great Vision, Advice, Technology and Eye Care in Southlake, TX

By staying current with the latest developments in eye care, prescription lenses and advances in contact lens technology our vision center can provide you with the best vision, advice and contacts and glasses prescrition today—and in the years to come. We take pride in building lasting relationships with our patients, which is why we take the time to get to know you, your vision requirements and your lifestyle needs. Contact our eye care clinic today to find out how we can help.

Featured Contacts

Acuvue & Alcon Contact Lenses Featured Dec 2016


Alcon’s Dailies Total 1 ® is the first and only water gradient contact lens. It has a silicone core, sandwiched between an outer and inner layer of an ultrasoft hydrophilic surface that boasts greater than 80% water content.

1 DAY ACUVUE® OASYS Contact Lenses

1 DAY ACUVUE® OASYS® with new HydraLuxe™ technology features a tear-infused design that lubricates and moisturizes. You’ll experience effortless blinking and superior performance all day. Class II UV protection on average blocks 82% of UV-A radiation and 97% of UV-B radiation from the sun.‡


ACUVUE® OASYS® Brand delivers crisp, clear vision all day long.These lenses are visibility tinted and have an inside-out mark for easy handling. Offers the highest UV-A and UV-B protection available in a contact lens, Class 1 Protection.

How to Take Out Contacts — DAILIES TOTAL1® Contact Lenses

How to Wear Contacts By Acuvue

Progressive Technology

Optos Daytona OptomapThorough eye exams are critical for promoting clear eyesight. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, our first-rate eye doctor, Dr. Manoj Abraham, will inspect your eyes for any abnormalities or signs of disease, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.

On the cutting-edge of optometry, we use the advanced Daytona Optomap retinal exam to evaluate the internal health of your eyes. Not only do these tools offer quick, accurate and detailed diagnoses, but they also offer high patient comfort – giving you a positive and pleasant eye care experience in our Southlake clinic.

Looking for an Optometrist in Southlake, TX?

Our optometrist takes the time to explain the results of your eye exam, describe your options and listen to your eye care needs. Because maintaining good eye health is an ongoing partnership, we encourage you to ask questions and share your health information, which could be vital to monitoring, diagnosing and treating potential vision problems.


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