Advanced Lens Materials and Designs


Benefits: Greater optical clarity, lighter than glass
Offers great visual clarity for your prescription at an entry price point for a backup pair or infrequent use


Benefits: Most impact resistant, thinner and lighter than plastic, kid-friendly
These are the most popular lenses that are light, strong, and durable. They are recommended for people with an active lifestyle who are looking for light lenses.

HD (1.60) Overview

Benefits: Digitally surfaced for most natural comfortable vision, thinner and lighter lenses, great optical clarity
This is ideal for strong prescriptions. For people who desire advanced lenses that are thin and cosmetically appealing. When combined with digital measurement technology, it provides the absolute best match of the lens to your frame and face.

Advanced Lens Designs

Progressive Lens Designs

Standard Progressive Design

Standard Progressive Design

  1. This area occurs when the lens is created and can cause distortion.
  2. This is the distance vision area for 40” and beyond
  3. This is the intermediate vision area for 16” – 40”
  4. This area is the reading vision area for 16” or less
Premium Progressive Design

Premium Progressive Design

  1. This area has less distortion particularly if processed digitally.
  2. The distance vision is expanded to provide better peripheral vision.
  3. The intermediate area has a wider corridor provided more intermediate vision.
  4. The reading area is widened providing more details at close range.
Lined BifocalMVP (3.0 Design)

Standard Progressive Design

  1. Lined BifocalMVP (3.0 Design)
AVP (2.0 Design)

Premium Progressive Design

  1. Workspace Design
  2. AVP (2.0 Design)
EVP (3.0 Design)

Digital Premium Design

  1. EVP (3.0 Design)

The Language of Lenses: Progressive Lens Design

Digital Premium 3.0 Design

  • Widest Viewing Area with no visible lines. Ideal for strong prescriptions and new wearers looking for easy adaptation.
  • Edge to Edge clarity
  • Progressive glasses tailor-made for you
  • Most advanced lens that’s digitally crafted, produced and fit just for you

Premium 2.0 Design

  • Wider Viewing Area with no visible lines
  • Allow you to see clearly across all distances with less blur
  • Most popular design with newer technology

Workspace Lens Premium 2.0 Design

  • Ideal for customer who spends a lot of time in front of computer
  • Reduces complaints of headaches, neck and shoulder strain from desk sitting, music playing, crafts and heavy computer use
  • Allow you to seamlessly see across your workspace or desk area without strain or compromising your posture
  • Feels like single vision experience
Workspace vs. Progressive Lense Design in 2019